Fit Guide

These masks are designed to hang from the head harness and rest lightly against the cheeks and across the chin so as to not create pressure points resulting in pain or discomfort while riding. The neck strap simply secures the mask so as to prevent tipping when the wearer leans forward.

Adjust the head harness so that the primary points of contact are on the cheeks and chin, again not very tight. The mask should not be adjusted firmly against the nose as it may result in discomfort and possibly interfere with your safety glasses.

To put the mask on simply hold the mask in position to your face, holding the harness by the strap collector (that leather tab in back) and pull it over. The collector should sit at the based of the skull just above the neck.

If the mask sits low on your face, pressing uncomfortably against the bridge of the nose, or too high covering your vision so that your mirrors are out of view, then adjust the overhead poly webbing strap toward your left ear to raise it and to the right ear to lower it. If the mask tips away from your face when you lean forward or feels uncomfortably tight then adjust the lateral slides forward to loosen and back to tighten. Remember that when you strap your helmet on your mask straps will snug up slightly. The best fit is when your mask tips slightly when leaning forward WITHOUT your helmet on and doesn’t tip WITH your helmet on.

BE AWARE that you may need make adjustments to the straps over two or three rides before you find your best fit.

And don’t forget the cheek plate snaps. They’re good for taking a shot from your water bottle when you pull over on a long ride and for smiling at that hottie in the gas station.