Q. Is it hot on a warm day?
A. Just like your jacket is designed to be comfortable when you ride but not while sitting on the couch at home the Maul series works best at speed. You can wear it while mowing the lawn if you want but it’s not going to be comfortable. But on the road it’s ample ventilation will have you relaxed and smiling in comfort…without the bugs in your teeth.

Q. Is it freezing cold in the winter?
A. No. The leather is the only part that touches your face and it doesn’t conduct the temperature from the metal to your face. In fact after a minute or two your face warms the leather up. As for the ventilation gaps the air is slowed down sufficiently so that you only experience the ambient air temperature (almost as if you were standing still) and not wind chill. Combined with a balaclava it works even better than most full face helmets since you don’t have the air flowing up under the “chin” of the helmet and up your face, not to mention the elimination of fog on the visor.

Q. There’s no holes in it like other masks. Is it hard to breath in?
A. Not at all. With six massive recessed vents in the nose cone the air spills over the top edge, flowing down and into the mask giving you more than enough air. And since the mask doesn’t form a tight seal around your face there are gaps for even more air to filter in down along the sides of the nose cone and under the chin.

Q. Is it heavy?
A. Nope. The Maul was designed to look like a demonic snow plow from hell but it weighs in at roughly  6.4 ounces, about that of the average paperback novel.

Q. It looks like it would be hard to see out of. Does it cut down visibility?
A. Lateral peripheral vision is only limited by your glasses, so no. As far as what is right in front of you, like your mirrors, the mask can be adjusted to preference. If you like it high for better coverage then set it high. If you like it lower for viewing mirrors and gauges at a glance without moving your head then adjust it lower.

And the best question of all….

Q. What if I have an accident? Can it hurt me?
A. Yes the possibility does exist. But if you go down and your face is hitting something, with or without the mask, you’re getting hurt. There’s no two ways about it. But you should consider that you are already engaging in a very dangerous activity…riding a motorcycle. If you ride then you have already accepted risk. If you wear a half helmet then you have accepted even more risk. But there is risk with all good things in life. Maybe that’s why we do it…