What's your bikes name?

Mark Barlow

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What's your bike’s name?Like many of you from my demographic I grew up on Tojo Films masterpiece, Godzilla. That was T-Rex gone wild before there was Jurassic Park. From that iconic roar to kicking the shit out of model cities it was just the bees knees to mid 1970’s American boys. At least that's when I became aware of it. The original film, with a slightly different name, was released in 1954 to Japanese audiences as a tale of caution against the horrors of nuclear war and technology as personified by a gigantor radioactive sea dragon.Cool huh!According to rumors the...

Are you a rain rider?

Mark Barlow

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This will be the beginning of the SSC weekly blog. And for the first post I'd like to share a really unpleasant trip I made back from a popular Pacific NW rally near Arlington Washington. Let me preface this story with an admission about motorcycle riding in the great North West. If it ain't raining you are nearly morally obligated to ride…that or ride between the raindrops. Considering it's the rain capital of the mainland states with areas reaching 130+ inches of rain a year you don't get much in the way of good riding days. Sometimes the sun is...

Which way did he go?

Mark Barlow

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Good Grief!   It's been far too long since I've spoken to my peeps.  The business has gone through great and terrible times since last summer.  And it's still in the woods as of yet. First I would like to apologize to all my wonderful customers who have been so patient over the fall holiday season and beyond.  The business had to make some unexpected adjustments right when business went unexpectedly through the roof. Damn you all for patronizing my business...stop spending money! Do I really need to explain the previous statement?  However ya'll weren't getting your orders in a...

Yes I suck...

Mark Barlow

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So I have been teasing forever about new masks coming out and they are here and just about here.  The Black Diamond Maul, Black Rider Edition is finally up and for sale for all you freaks that can't get enough black.  But the big mystery mask is hot on it's heals.  It's actually done but the production costs are being finalized so I can get a price together for y'all.  Also as it turns out, updating a business website is a time consuming, soul sucking process for a guy who'd rather be on his bike.  Some corporate CEO big shot...

Are you a facebooker?

Mark Barlow

Just an FYI I am in the process of building a facebook page for SSC. There will be a link to it on the website when it’s close to being done. I plan to have new product info and public surveys on what riders want from new designs in it. It’s a chance for SSC customers to connect with each other and give input on new designs. And of course it’s a way to market SSC through networking. But mostly it’s going to be a forum where I can ask questions and get input from y’all about what mask or...

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