About Us

Hi this is Mark.

So this started out one day in the fall of 2008 when I tore my neoprene mask off because I had enough. I tried everything on the market and they all seemed to have similar problems. At highway speeds the mask would seal so tightly around my face that I had trouble breathing. I don’t know about you but asphyxiation while riding is not my idea of great fun. I also found that the wind would wick the moisture from my lips as I rode, compelling me to lick them constantly. And the first time you lick the inside of your mask is unpleasant to say the least. But every time after that, especially if you had a big greasy breakfast before you headed out on the road and forgot to brush your teeth, was even worse. And if I was caught in the rain (in Oregon it is as certain as death and taxes) that mask would soak up the cold water and hold it against my face. Yeah good times! Then there was the issue of my breath having only one place to go when I exhale. Right up the sides of my nose and under my glasses. Having the world around me turn into a big blob of amorphous shapes and colors because my glasses are full of fog just aint cool. And of course sometimes the masks would pinch or bind somewhere. A wedgie in your pants is bad enough. I don’t want one on my face too.

So I went into my garage and with my handy jig saw, bench vise, other misc tools and just enough dangerous American know-how and cranked out a Road Warrior/Optimus Prime looking piece of junk and strapped it to my face. I spent all that winter and next spring making modifications, testing them on a ride and coming home to throw it against the wall of the garage because it was terrible. But every now and then something would actually work and get incorporated into the next revision.

About half way through the process it occurred to me that I can’t be the only half helmet wearing rider who has encountered the same annoyance with the current masks available. And so here I am today. Bringing you stylish, high quality face protection against airborne particulates such as bugs, rain, small rocks and grit for half helmet motorcycle riders world wide born from the results of nearly a year of research and design IN THE FIELD. Not a lab…