I spy with my little eye...

Mark Barlow

Hi again!

So one of the cool little features of website hosting business software is that it tells you where your traffic is coming from. Usually people come to SSC through internet search engines, like Google, because they saw an ad in a print magazine. But every now and then I get that gem of a forum link where I can go in as a guest and see what my peeps are saying about what I make for bikers.

When I started this project I knew that bikers would either love or hate this mask. Sure enough the reactions are strong. But then this isn’t for tee-totaling nannies now is it? And God Bless America we are free to like or dislike whatever the heck we want to.

So for those who love the Maul thanks and I’m glad you enjoy it. But for those who hate it I love you guys bunches. You’re telling me just what the next good thing is with you’re complaints.

Many motorcycle facemask manufacturers simply copy each other, trying to make something about their product “original” by making a scarier clown face or adding a useless do-dad that doesn’t really improve looks, performance or function in an appreciable way. The goal at SSC is to listen to you guys and make what you want, not what we can squeeze out by the tens of thousands a day at sweatshop factories around the world because it’s easier and more lucrative. Don’t get me wrong I want to make money just as much as the next guy but not by selling you what I’m willing to give you instead of what you want. After all, I RIDE. I am one of you.

Soooooooooooo in response to you doubters we have a new mask coming out soon.

What is it you ask? Well I wouldn’t be a good corporate American if I told you anything useful. But I will say that it DIRECTLY ASSAULTS the biggest issue with the naysayers. You’ll know it when you see it.

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