Black Rider Edition Dragon Slayer Clean

So maybe your tats, loud angry hawg or fat tired metric just aren't scaring the blue hairs anymore in their Japanese hybrid vehicle on their way to bingo.  Maybe you're six foot six and have a noggin as big as a galvanized bucket.  Or maaaaaybe your the kinda biker where different isn't different enough....

Featuring extended throat coverage, all black hardware and available in three snap head options, you will be totally equipped to take on all the daily junk the highway has to throw at you as well as the occasional never could happen....

Made from laser cut, sand blasted and black anodized aluminum plate riveted to an 8oz leather internal chassis featuring six massive vents for maximum breath ability and a “fog curtain” to reduce fog buildup inside the glasses. A head harness utilizing 3/4” poly webbing and comfortable heavy duty elastic with 3 point slide adjustments for easy on off fit.

(Provides plenty of ventilation for summer riding and when combined with a balaclava is a great winter time riding solution for cold weather comfort, anti-fogging and style as well. Available with Skull, Iron Cross, or black snap heads. Simply click next to the snap head option that you desire and then click the “add to cart” button)

***Helmet and glasses not included***